"Royal Navy and Maritime Book Reviews" by Rob Jerrard

HMS St Vincent WWII Pilots' & Observers' Basic Training

Example: below is a photograph of Naval Airmen, 50th Observers' Course "Nelson Term" HMS ST Vincent September 14th to November 1st 1941. No Names are listed, however across 3 of the individuals is inked, "X195"? I am sure somebody will tell me what this means, my guess is "back-classed"?

Another Class believed to be 1943

No 59 Pilots Course "Exmouth Division HMS ST Vincent Feb 1944

Unknown Class 1945? (Says St Vincent 1945 on the back)Can you ID anyone?

Sea Flight A Fleet Air Arm Pilot's Story - Hugh Popham did his Basic Training at St Vincent in 1940, only the first three pages mention St Vincent Published in 1954 by William Kimber (Fleet Air Arm Pilots did basic training at HMS ST Vincent Gosport Hants, other than that it was a Boys' Training Establishment.

St Vincent WRNS? believed to be 1943. Taken at St Vincent, appears to be outside the Wardroom -Can you identify anybody?