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HMS Ocean - Light Fleet Carrier

First tour: 5th May, to 8th November, 1952

Ship's Officers
Captain CLG Evans, DSO, DSC

Carrier Air Group Commander: Commander (P) AF Black, DSC, (Promoted Captain   30/6/1952)
No.802 Squadron CO: Lieutenant-Commander (P) SF Shotton, DSC
No.825 Squadron CO: Lieutenant-Commander CK Roberts

Second tour: 17th May, 1953, to End of Hostilities

Ship's Officers
Captain BEW Logan
Carrier Air Group Commander: Commander (P) ON Bailey
No.807 Squadron CO: Lieutenant-Commander RLM Brander, DSC
No.810 Squadron CO: Lieutenant-Commander AW Bloomer

Capt C L G Evans DSO DSC RN. He was the 1st Naval Combat Pilot of WW2 (with 16 enemy planes to his credit) to command a carrier.

HMS Ocean - ( Light Fleet Carrier ) May 1951 to October 1953 - Includes Korean War

Many hundreds of miles were covered by Ocean in Her journey in the Mediterraean Area during Her two spells of duty with the Mediterranean Fleet.
Korea and the operational area. The shaded portion indicates the approximate area normally covered by Ocean's aircraft. Rest and replenishment periods, between patrols were spent alternatively at Sasebo and Kure, with one spell at Yokohama.


To the memory of the men of HMS Ocean who lost their lives during the present commission

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning-we will remember them."

Ronald E. Dubber, Lieutenant (P) September 10th, 1951

Norman Fisher, Leading Airman (PM) September 10th, 1951

William E. Cotton, Lt.-Commander (P) October 25th, 1951

J. Stewart Wood, Surg. Lt.-Commander (P) January 9th, 1952

George Mair, M.B.E., Lieutenant (P) February 7th, 1952

Kenneth MacDonald, Lieutenant (E) (P) May 14th, 1952

Timothy J. C. Williamson-Napier, Lt.-Commander (P) May 19th, 1952

Leslie M. Edwards, Aircrewman I May 19th, 1952

Richard F. Herbert, Naval Airman I May 19th, 1952

Alan Findlay, S.B.A.  June 4th, 1952

Robert C. Hunter, Lieutenant (P) July 4th, 1952

Donald A. Dick, Lt.-Commander (P) July 24th, 1952

Kenneth P. Jordan, Radio Elect. (Air) July 29th, 1952

Brian F. Hicks, Lieutenant (P) January 14th, 1953

James Millar, Naval Airman I May 11th, 1953

Albert J. D. Evans, Lieutenant (P) July 15th, 1953

Kenneth Maxwell Thomas, Lieutenant (O) July 15th, 1953

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