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Grub Street, Books Reviewed in 2013
Coastal Dawn
Edition: 1st
Format: Hardback
Author: Andrew D Bird
ISBN: 9781906502690
Publishers: Grub Street
Price: 20
Publication Date: 2012

Publisher's Title Information

In 1940, the defence of Great Britain rested with a handful of volunteer aircrew, Churchill's 'few'. Overshadowed in later folklore by the more famous Spitfire and Hurricane pilots, there were other pilots, observers and air gunners - just as courageous - flying the Bristol Blenheim MKIV-F. The future of the country and arguably that of the free world depended also on their skill, morale and sacrifice.
Remarkably little has been chronicled of these men and their aircraft - the trade protection squadrons formed by Hugh Dowding - allotted to 11 Group in October 1939. The aircraft's range and endurance made it suitable for defence of coastal shipping against attack on the southern and eastern shores of Britain, and for operations further afield. Indeed during bitter fighting casualties among 235, 236, 248 and 254 Squadron Blenheims were high on operations over Norway, Holland, France, Dunkirk and then the Battle of Britain where the Blenheims were completely outclassed by Messerschmitt 109 and 110 fighters and fell easy victims, scythed from the sky.
But the record of the aircraft and their crew was an immensely proud one. Drawing on contemporary diaries, periodicals, letters, logbooks, memoirs and interviews with survivors, lauded historian Andy Bird reassesses the vital role they played and repositions it in history. In doing so, he justifiably embraces the heroes we have left behind.


'This fine book shines a well deserved spotlight on four Blenheim 'Trade Protection' Squadrons nos. 235, 236, 248 and 254, who carried out highly dangerous operations under both Fighter and Coastal Command from the outbreak of War and during the Battle of Britain and suffered heavy casualties.

'It is a well produced by Grub Street in a clear typeface on a good quality paper and is particularly well illustrated with photographs of crewmen, both Allied and German as well as their aircraft, mainly Blenheims as you would expect.
'I recommend it strongly, it is keenly priced for a hardback at 20.' Graham Warner, President of Bristol Blenheim Society.

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