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HMS Grafton

H.M.S. GRAFTON F51- Portland Dorset, Jan and Feb 1958.

H.M.S. Grafton Type 14 Anti Submarine Frigate, 2nd TS Portland Dorset Feb 1958. Loaned from HMS Dryad for about 4 Months with other Basic Radar Junior Seamen awaiting Course. These were very basic ships and we slept in hammocks, mine was slung in a passageway above a hatch, very noisy

H.M.S. Grafton, alongside at Portland, Dorset. Photo by me, Rob Jerrard 1958.

All the other photos are of Grafton, or crew and taken in or from Grafton in Feb 1958. HMS Hardy F54 and HMS Loch Inch F433 ans HMS Malcombe appear in the photos.

The Photos of H.M.S. F54 Hardy I took (BELOW), off Portland in Force7/8 Gale. We were returning from Dartmouth.

I think I took the photos of Hardy along with several others on the way back from Dartmouth. If you know different please contact me, copies have turned up in Australia in possession of a shipmate of the time.

Type 14 frigates.

They were designed as a "second rate utility" complement to the type 12 class with the ASW capability of the Type 12 in a far cheaper platform. They had virtually no AA or anti surface capability and no role outside of a major war at a time when the RN was engaged in several colonial wars and the line was cut far short of the intended 3 type 14 /1 type 12 ratio. Some ships were brought out of reserve in the 1970's for Fishery Protection.

Description Type 14 ASW frigate.

Propulsion Steam Turbine 15000shp 1 shaft speed 27kts, Displacement 1180tons Standard 1535 tons deep, dimensions 94.5m x 10.7m x 4.7m, sensors Type 974 Navigation Radar Type 291 Air Warning Radar Type 174 search sonar type 162 bottom profiling sonar type 170 Attack sonar, armament 4 21" ASW TT (in some only later removed) 2 Mk10 limbo ASW mortars 3 Mk9 40mm AA (1 later removed)

Ship (year of commissioning in brackets)

F78 Blackwood (1957)

F80 Duncan (1958)

F48 Dundas (1956)

F84 Exmouth (1957)

F51 Grafton (1957)

F54 Hardy (1957)

F85 Keppel (1956)

F88 Malcolm (1957)

F91 Murray (1956)

(Photo supplied by John Rowe who said, I stood by the Murray at Stephens in Glasgow before she was handed over to the Navy, then commissioned her and served on her until Oct 1957. I cannot remember who had the pennant number F433 (if I ever knew) but I remember the Leeds Castle was at Portland when we arrived there. Other ships that were based there at that time were the Grenville (Captain D?) Undaunted and Brocklesby.

F94 Palliser (1957)

F62 Pellew (1956)

F94 Russel (1957)

2nd TS as I remember it?

H.M.S. Malcolm F88

H.M.S. Dundas F48

H.M.S. Murray F91

H.M.S. Pellew

You asked for information about 2nd TS Portland 1958. The Captain (D) was F197 HMS Grenville, a converted 'U' class destroyer, and you only have to log in on Google for masses of information on her. I served on board her from December 1956 to July 1958 as a National Service OS and AB and remember all the Type 14s well, having seen them at sea, taking trainee asdic operators from Osprey out to ping on the 'S' class boats. In rough weather it was possible to see the keel from bow down to midships as they lurched about. We thought Grenville with her high superstructure was bad, but am I glad I wasn't on a Type 14. F433 was a Loch Class frigate, HMS Loch Insh and some of them were still in commission in 1956-58, although I can't remember seeing her at Portland. I have a good photograph of the Grenville, if you want it. Jim Bolton C/J966057.

Rob Further members of F2 (FOST) Squadron were HMS Verulam (F29) trials vessel for the sonar to be fitted to (HMS Dreadnought) HMS Brocklesby was indeed part of the squadron as was I HMS Teazer. Regards Ken Stephenson

During this period we were taken to sea for the day in one of HM Submarines which was part of the 2nd TS. It was a wonderful experience which I shall never forget. We dived to 100 feet and water came in the forward hatch. We were later boarded by a party from my ship as an exercise. I think it was an "S" boat, very old that had survived the War. What was its name?? I though "Solent" but am not sure.

Any more Photos of HMS Solent Please?

Any Photos of Blackwood Type 14 welcome.

The Following 5 are of the 1st Commission and were sent by cyril@jones212.freeserve.co.uk (Cyril Jones), (National Service) he said "photo 1 is the first church service aboard, and the blessing of the ship, just before we left Sam Whites dockyard for hand over and sea trials. We still had some of the dockyard maties aboard for about 3 days doing the ' final tweaking ' in the back ground is the East .. West Cowes ferry

photo 2 this would have been some time in 1957, we had been as sea with the subs and the helicopters doing the business, then returned to Portland, I think we were going along side Q pier ( the one with the dog leg bend in it ) when just passing astern of a moored Indian or Pakistani auxiliary vessel when the officer of the watch lost it, and we kissed the stern, sustaining the damage seen here. in the picture is the Engineering Officer, I do not recall the rating. Some felt after this the ship should have been renumbered ' 57 ' after a bean tin.

The other three are of just wild times at sea

Hi Rob Interesting pics on your site of the Hardy, taken in 58. I commisioned the Hardy at Yarrow and was on her first "cruise" in the Irish Sea from Derry in NI. The commission only lasted a short while before there was almost a mutiny on board and virtually all the ship's company put in a draft chit....In her sea trials she virtually laid on her side when the command "Left hand down Mr Philips" was given at her maximum speed. That was scarry. I was a Telegraphist then and was in the bow mess deck port side when she suddenly heeled over and plates and crockery just poured out of the racks and the scuppers went under water amidships. Ah well back to the shipyard........ I am 75 now

David L Smithdale C/SSX889588

The End of Hardy

F54 down in 75 in the Western Approached with an Exocet missile.

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