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George Farrow Wright - Stoker 1st Class WWII
Part of the Naval Career of George Farrow Wright some photographs. All information and photographs supplied by his wife Betty.

Betty Wrote: "My late husband served during the war on HMS FENCER.
I have a black and white postcard photograph of this ship. I know very little about the ship, my husband was on several, including the Ranpura. He was in the Royal Navy for "the duration" - signing up at 18 for the Air Force, only to be sent into the Navy when the war in the air was not so acute as the war at sea. We have pictures of him in both air force and navy uniforms!.
This one was taken at Port Said in 1944.
My husband is first right back row. He was not one for talking about things, but I do know he was sent to Torquay with the Air Force to take examinations to be a wireless operator, which he passed. They were put up at the Grand Hotel in Torquay, and a few years ago (2000) we went down there to have a look. As I mentioned before he was then "transferred" to the navy. He was sent to Chatham to do his training. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the Ranpura (which I believe was a repair ship) - it would follow as my husband was in sheet metal work/engineering before the war. I will look and see if I can find any more pictures.
Some more bits for you. My late husband's Pocket-book (issued to all ratings I think); and also Christmas cable sent from Port Said to his mother - all ratings were able to send this "brief" message. My husband's copy of his pocket book has a bullet hole through it - NOT the result of any action, he was a very keen shooter and owned guns from a young age (to put meat on the table during the war); rifle shooting, representing the county of Derbyshire and was still shooting at Whittington Barracks at the age of 81 when he died of a brain tumour.

Some more bits for you. The Seaman's Pocket Book has written STO 1st class, so that probably means something to you? The photographs are of George (left)with two of his shipmates at Port Said and the other one taken at home before he went down to Chatham. He was in an incident with I think Albanians? when they laid mines and the ship in front of his was blown up and a lot of officers were killed as it was right over their quarters. I vaguely recall reading about it in one of the national newspapers, but can't remember now any more details.

B. Wright (Mrs)