HMS EXMOUTH, E Class Destroyer



HMS EXMOUTH, E Class Destroyer

News of HMS Exmouth has recently featured in the Exmouth Journal - they reported In happier times before the War HMS Exmouth visited the Town of Exmouth in Devon. The Exmouth Journal of June 11, 1938, reported that the Whitsun weekend visit of HMS Exmouth, with the ship moored on the outer side of Pole Sand, was a great success. The ship's company were given shore leave. Among many events arranged by a local committee were a smoking concert in the Pavilion, a dinner for the ship's officers at Maer Bay Hotel, a church service at St Andrews, a parade through the town and a charabanc tour of East Devon followed by tea at Emery's Cafe.

Exmouth Council invited all men in uniform from HMS Exmouth to make free use of the miniature golf course, swimming pool and tennis courts on the seafront, the bathing stations on the beach, and the approach and putting golf course and bowling green in Phear Park".

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