Royal Navy and Maritime Book Reviews PROVIDED BY - Rob Jerrard


(Some Photos Supplied by Ray Jerrard, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who supplied these memories of Eagle and Illustrious, two Carriers he served on.

Ray's Memories HMS eagle Malta 1952

I completed my seamanship training aboard the Illustrious over 50 years ago and with that began an unforgettable lifestyle that deserves to be remembered and written about!

All I really need is a secretary with a computer.The Eagle was commissioned in November 1951 and I got to know her quite well.She was refitted later with a new angled flight deck and I rejoined her for the last two years of my service.

Many years later whilst on holiday in Plymouth I spotted a carrier hulk lying in a backwater.Sadly, she was the former pride and joy of the RN, the Eagle was being taken apart for scrap.Not a pretty sight.Last year, again in Plymouth, my wife Raye and I were there to enjoy Navy Days and the Tattoo.Illustrious was open to the public and we went aboard.I donít know whether I made the mistake of trying to compare the old Illustrious with the new but times have certainly changed a lot of things.Perhaps the missing factor was her history and pride.It was strange to see so many categories being open to the WRNS (not now known by that title) and becoming part of the shipís crew.Once upon a time, a shipís company was strictly a manís domain, but now?

1952 Pre conversion to angled flight deck Entering Gibraltar 1955 Entering Gibraltar 1955

These 2 photos are believed to be of Eagle entering Grand Harbour Malta, can anyone can confirm this and give a date? They were sold on E-bay as Albion, but clearly the aircraft bear the letter "E", not so clear on the scans

Below is a Postcard dated 25th April 1969

The following photographs were supplied by Dave Bartram. The pictures were taken either whilst serving on board HMS Grenville during 1968, or whilst on board HMS Danae 1971 to 1972.

This first ones are of R07 in 1968 replenishing HMS Grenville. If memory is correct it was during our Beira Patrol.