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The Naval Career of E.Cope and many photographs. All information and photographs supplied by his son Nick Copen.
E.Cope, flew in the FAA . He flew with Bulwark 801 squadron and Victorious 803 squadron.
Sadly he died of cancer 10 years ago.

Started flying at RAF Syerston, Unit No 1 FTS, Nov 1955 in Provost T1. Solo after 5 hrs and completed training May 1956.
RAF Valley Unit No 7 FTS, June - Dec 1956 flying Vampire T11 and FB5.
Joined 738 squadron (HMS Fulmar) Dec 1956 Sea Hawk training until March 1957.
March 1957, 764 squadron HMS Peregrine flying Vampire T22 and Sea Hawk.
April - Nov 1957, 801 squadron HMS Goldcrest flying Sea Hawk. First carrier flights
July 1st - 4 touch and go HMS Bulwark.
14th -25th Nov, 801 squadron, HMS Bulwark, Sea Hawk.
26th Nov 1957 - 12th Jan 1958 801 squadron HMS Goldcrest, Sea Hawk.
12th Jan -24th Oct 1958, 801 squadron HMS Bulwark Sea Hawk. Totals: 157 Cat Launch, 157 day landings and 7 nights.
27th Oct - 18th Dec, 801 squadron HMS Goldcrest Vampire T22
5th-30th Jan 1959 HMS Excellent.
2nd Feb -26th April 1959, 764 squadron, HMS Fulmar, Sea Hawk, No 19 AWI course.
27th April 1959- 10th July 1960, 738 squadron HMS Fulmar Sea Venom 21, Vampire T22 and Hunter T8 (familiar flights July 1959).
11th July- 15th Sept 1960, 736 squadron HMS Fulmar, Sea Hawk, Hunter T8, Sea Venom 21, and Scimitar familiarisation.
15th Sept- 18th Oct 1960, 803 squadron HMS Fulmar. Scimitars. Maddls trials at Milltown. Trials HMS Victorious (26th-30th Sept)
18th Oct 1960- 12th Dec 1961, HMS Victorious 803 squadron Scimitar. Deck landings- total 313 and 282 cat launches.
12th Feb 1962 - 23 rd Nov 1963, 764 Squadron senior pilot, HMS Fulmar, Hunter T8 and G11, and Scimitar. Shortest flight in log - 31st May 1962, 5 mins Hydraulic 1 failure on Scimitar XD248. Longest flight in log - May 4th 1963 , 2 hrs 30 mins Scimitar XD281 Lossie to Ark Royal with Valiant IFR (In flight refuelling)
24th Nov 1963- 22nd May 1964, HMS Excellent, Sea Devon, Sea Vixen, Hunter T8 and G11, and Vampire T22.
23rd May 1964 - 29th June, HMS Fulmar, 900 squadron, Sea Hawk, Vampire T22, Hunter T8 and GA11, Scimitar.
30th June 1964- 4th June 1965, HMS Excellent, only 6 hrs flying - not sure of reason for such few hours.
5th -26th June 1965,HMS Fulmar, Vampire T22 and Hunter GA11.
27th June - 3rd Sept 1965, HMS Excellent.
6th - 24th Sept 1965, HMS Vernon.
28th Sept 1965- 11th October 1966, Captain HMS Burnaston ( Minesweeper, Persian Gulf).
14th Nov 1966- 9th Dec 1966, RNTS (not sure what this is)
10th-12th Jan 1967, RNAMS (not sure what this is)
23rd Jan -4th Feb 1967, JWE Old Saurm (best guess at last word!)
4th Feb-18th March 1967, HMS Goldcrest 738 squadron, Hunter T8 and GA11.
9th- 20th April 1967. HMS Heron, 766 squadron, Sea Vixen 1 and 11.
25th April 1967- 6th Sep 1968. HMS Fulmar, C/O 764 squadron. Hunter T8 and GA11 and Bucaneer S2.
13th Sept 1967- 14th Feb 1970. Staff of ACR ( London??) No flying.

Total flying hours:
2241 hrs mins.
Single engine
1907 day, 86 night
Two engine
233 day, 13 night

Pictures on slideshow are not in order as described at present:
E Copen RN


1 & 2 - RAF Syerston, Unit No 1 FTS, Provost T1
No 3 - Presume RAF Valley Unit No7 FTS pupils in front of Vampier. Dad sitting 2nd from right.
No4 - 801 squadron 1957 and Dad back row 3rd from left.
No 5 - 801 squadron - service in hanger but no description.
No 6 HMS Bulwark, Nov/Dec 1957.
No 7 HMS Bulwark off Grenada, Feb 1958.
No 8 HMS Bulwark, Apr 1957 and presume Dad in Seahawk.
No 9 HMS Bulwark, Show Boat 9th June 1958, Dad flying Seahawk WV836.
No 10 Possibly Yeramis, Yemen. Aug 1958.
No 11 HMS Bulwark , 801 squadron June 1958.
Back row : Dick Wilkinson, Mike Hornblower, Robin Greenhop, John Winslow, Jerry King, Fred de Labilliere, Mike Cowley, Brian Maridin.
Seated: Dad, Paddy Gamble, 'Fido', Bill Noble, Keith Nicol, Chris Mostyn, Pete Hessey.
No 12 15th-20th Sept HMS Bulwark off Melika.
No 13 801 squadron HMS Bulwark 5th Oct 1958. Dad seated and 8th from left.
No 14 Bridle catching trials HMS Victorious 29th Sept 1960. Scimitar XD 267.
No 15 HMS Victorious 801 squadron, Scimitar, Durban flypast 2nd Mar 1961.
No 16 HMS Victorious, 801 squadron, Scimitar, Paya Lebar display team 8th April 1961.
Standing: Colin Casperd, Tom Leece, Paddy Anderson, Jim Purvis.
Kneeling: Dad , Curly Wood.
No 17 HMS Victorious, 801 squadron, Scimitar, Kuwait Town July ( 11th or 12th) 1961, Operation Vantage
No 18 HMS Victorious, 801 squadron, Scimitar XD275, Sedeli Besar, East Malaysia 6th Oct 1961.
No 19 HMS Victorious, 801 squadron, Scimitar XD275, Labs Strike China Rock, 13th Oct 1961
No 20 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron, Scimitar XD214 Bullpup firing, Ben Becula, 3rd Oct 1962.
No 21 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron 9th Jan 1963.
Back two: Arthur Milnes, Fred de Labilliere
Middle six: Bob Newell, D. Vaughan, Chris Mather, Dad, Nick Taylor, Tom Skead.
Front two: David Gray, Bill Billett.
No 22 HMS Fulmar, 900 squadron, Vampire T22,
Dad, Dave Howard, Jas Crawford, John Ellis
No 23 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron, Dad C/O of squadron, Hyeres 23rd-29th June 1967. Dad flew Hunter T8 XF978.
No 24 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron, Dad C/O of squadron. Lossiemouth Air Day 9th Sept 1967.
Dad, Nick Dunsford, Andy McMeekan, David Forbes and Tim Notley.
No 25 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron, Dad C/O of squadron. Lossiemouth Air Day 9th Sept 1967. Dad in lead aircraft Hunter GA11 XE685.
No 26 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron, Dad C/O of squadron. Lossiemouth Air Day fly past 13th July 1968.Dad in lead aircraft, Hunter T8 XF995
No 27 HMS Fulmar, Lossiemouth Air Day fly past 13th July 1968. Dad leading one of the back 3 group of Hunters.
No 28 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron, Dad C/O of squadron. His comment is 'Divisions 28th June 1968'.
No 29, 30 and 31 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron, Dad C/O of squadron, Hyeres 23rd-29th June 1967. Dad flew Hunter T8 XF978, which I think is 688.
No 32 Not sure about this.
No 33 and 34 HMS Fulmar, 764 squadron, Dad C/O of squadron. Dormation flying and Dad in lead Hunter GA 11 XE685.
No 35 -39 Not sure about these, but is it a Russian warship. Dad could be flying the Hunter but not positive.
No 40. HMS Burnaston Persian Gulf, minesweeper Dad was captain of in 1966.