Naval and Maritime Book Reviews by Rob Jerrard

HMS St Vincent Boy/Junior Training Establishment 1953

A Class of 53
Photos supplied by Peter Wyatt ( who was at St Vincent in 1953

The Following were supplied by Chalky White (chalkywhite451@btinternet. com)and I will let his e-mail explain what is known of the photographs.

Here are the names I recall from the photos on your web site which I looked at. A Class of 53. This is in fact one half of the New Entry Class of January 1953. I was in the other half which was named Benbow. I can't recall what this was named. I don't know what system they were working at the time passing from New Entry to Ship but some of these landed up in my Class Back Row: 2 in from left is Dinger Bell. Middle Row: Left No.1 is Pete Wyatt. 3 is Smudge Smith, 5 is Trevor White and 7 is Paddy Stevens. Front: Left is Medland whilst far right is Tony Leyland. Captain Inspecting Divisions Photo. This is the Captain inspecting Anson 46 Class. The DO is Lt Cdr Stafford who was a wartime submariner. Front Row nearest who is squinting is me Ron White. Next to me is Johnny Gore, next Trevor White, next Howard Nichols, next I think Lambert ??, next Bowles, next Dinger Bell, next ??, last Johnny Foster. Back Row: Far right is Pete Wyatt, next to him ??, next Medland.

Benbow New Entry 1953

Back Row: Left, Lamb, 2 Pat Arnold, 3 ?, 4, 5 Ron White, 6 Des Waldron. Midle: 1 ?, 2 Theakstone, 3 Johnny Foster, 4 Ted Saunders, 5 ?, 6 Johnny Gore. Front: 1 ?, 2 Bowles, Gunner ?, DO ?, Petty Officer ?, 6 ?, 7?.

Details not known - who is the Admiral and what occasion?
Queen's Birthday Parade 11th June 1953.

Clarence Yard May 1953

Anson 46 Class Cutter Crew May 1953

Anson 46 Class Racing Cutter Crew. Tuesday 26th May 1953. Bow to Stern Ron White and Trevor White. (No relation). ? and Gray. Dinger Bell and A Leigh. Pete Wyatt and John Baldrey. John Gore and Pat Arnold. John Foster and P Medland. Petty Officer Gossage (Seamanship Instructor) and Coxswain Smudger Smith.