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HMS CHICHESTER 1st Commission

HMS Chichester 1958 - 1959 1st Commission - Commander. R D Butt RN

Ships Crew

Commanding Officer: Commander R D Butt RN (He later Commanded HMS Blake, 27th April 1970)

Executive Officer & First Lieutenant: Lt-Cdr J D O C Lewis.
Supply Officer: Lt-Cdr (S) J M Wood.
Senior Engineer: Lt-Cdr (E) C V Jones.
Medical Officer: Surg-Lt I M Fletcher.
Gunnery Officer was Lt Cdr F J E Goodman ('Benny') Goodman(SEE Photo below, taken on Sunday 22nd Feb 1959 Royal Yacht Escort in the Indian Ocean)

Direction Officer was Lt Cdr 'Tag' Hayward.
PO John Bush, Capt of the Focs'le
PO Andy New, Capt of the Top
PO Jan Trembeth, TAS
PO Jim Fitt, PO Cook(s)

HMS CHICHESTER 1958 - 1959 Frigate; Radar Picket - Below facts from photographs, memory and a few additions from the book on HMS Albion - see below. Also see the page on HMS Leopard 1st Commission, we were with her on the South Atlantic Station

Portsmouth, Hampshire England 16 October 1958

Malta 26 October 1958

Port Said 31st October 1958, Suez Canal with Albion

"After a 24-hour stop-over in Malta Albion, together with the cruiser Sheffield and the frigate CHICHESTER, left for Port Said. On the way Albion rendezvoused and exercised with the Eagle and Torquay, arriving off Port Said in the early hours of Friday 31 October. It was the first time she had been through Suez since the Canal had been taken over by Nasser, and this time there were Russian-built destroyers and submarines moored outside Navy House, whilst overhead MiG17 fighter aircraft flew by. However, by 7pm the following day both Albion and CHICHESTER had left Port Suez and entered the Red Sea. The two ships arrived in Aden on Wednesday 5 November to find the colony in the throes of a general strike, stirred up, no doubt, by Nasser's agents in the Yemen. However, this did not deter the Indian traders of Steamer Point from selling large numbers of shiny new cameras, each one accompanied by a suitably arranged receipt for eventual presentation to Customs. Fortunately the shark nets rigged up along the beaches at Tarshyne held firm, and on Monday 10 November Albion and CHICHESTER left Aden for Karachi which was, in those days, the capital of Pakistan. Despite the fact that the city was under martial law, they stayed for a five-day visit".

At Aqaba, Jordon 2nd November 1958, took off Army (Scottish) Regiment (Cameronians) for movement to Aden. Jordan Service Medal.

Aden 5th November 1958 (left 10th)

Karachi 17th November 1958

Indian Ocean 28th November 1958 (photograph notes as such)

Singapore, arrived with HMS Albion & HMS Cavalier 29th November 1958 I had Christmas at Sandy's Soldiers' Home

Hong Kong 19th December 1958

Port Blair Andaman Islands (Port Blair) 29th January 1959 - stopped to take on fresh water. An interesting little place - For War time operations, See Chapter 16, One of our Submarines by Edward Young.

Calcutta India 1st February 1959, with HMS Ceylon

26th February - Crossed the Line, Latitude 0, 1st time for me, Certificate from King Neptune

Albany Western Australia 5th March 1958. (Fresh Milk!)

Freemantle (Perth Western Australia) 13 March 1959, golden beaches.

In the Great Australian Bite with HMNZS Royalist (Photograph)

"Next came a six-day voyage across the Great Australian Bight during which planned flying exercises were cancelled owing to adverse weather conditions, but the Albion rejoined the CHICHESTER, which had steamed down from Calcutta, and the destroyers HMAS Voyager and HMS Cheviot, together with the RFA Resurgent. All five ships then set course for Fremantle where they arrived on Saturday 14 March for a four-day visit.

With the antipodean cruise at an end, Albion and the other four ships steamed north, bound once again for Singapore. During the passage they were joined by HMAS Melbourne (originally intended as the light fleet carrier HMS Majestic, but never completed as such), and the cruisers HMNZS Royalist and HMS Ceylon. Apart from the exercises carried out by this sizeable fleet, the only real excitement came during the passage through the Sunda Strait when two Indonesian MiG 17s flew low overhead to have a close look. However, on seeing the size of the naval force they retired hastily."

At sea meet with HM Submarine Andrew (Sub used to film "On the Beach" (photograph) One of her crew needed our Doctor - we carried one.

Manila Phillipine Islands 25th April 1959

Singapore 10th May 1959, Operation "Showboat" Near Singapore (Photographs)

Simonstown South Africa 10th June 1959, HMS Albion at Cape Town with us.

Mar De Plata Argentina South America 13 July 1959 (Photographs

BA Argentina 14th July 1959 16th was my 18th Birthday which I "Just", sort of remember

Rosario Argentina 20th July 1959

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 28th July 1959 Ships Company Photograph taken, left 3rd August with HMS Lynx, HMS Leopard, & HMS Albion.

Photograph of the Crew

Captain R D Butt taken in South Africa

More Photographs provided by Crew Members from the 1st Commission

Ian Robertson wrote - "I have enclosed a pic. of Sharkey Ward, killick of 2 mess and myself taken who knows where, and the Chichester's hockey team when played the Indians in Calcutta."

Chichester Hockey against the Indian Navy

Leading Seaman Ward and AB Ian Robertson

Crossing the Line - 26th Feb 1959


Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

The PJM is a commemorative medal which the Government of Malaysia would like to award to eligible British citizens, for their service in Malaya or Malaysia between 31st August 1957 and 12 August 1966.