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In the course of my work on this website I have purchased a number of Commissioning books & other items. The following Commissioning Books and items (or Books) are for Sale. Purchasers may pay by UK Sterling cheque or PAYPAL. (IF PAYPAL is used I will need to add an additional sum to cover the admin cost they will take from me. Most books will be in reasonable condition bearing in mind their age and the history of their usage, therefore Good means for the age. All will be readable and could of course be scanned. All books are rare and their prices reflect what I have paid. Postage (P&P) - average in UK will be about £4, but I can give you an exact sum at the time. They can be sent Special Delivery if you pay the extra- that is usually £6 and guarantees the next day. Conditions are given in relation to the age

E-Mail me any questions at all.

Siver Jubilee Fleet Review 16th July 1935, condition very good 26 black & white Photos, full list of ships,plan and full programme £24

HMS ALBION 1st Commission 1954 1955, This is a Photocopy I found inside another book, it is 17 pages and I think it is the complete book, but I cannot be sure, photos and facts of Commission. I CAN supply a copy for an Admin fee if anyone wants one, I think this is probably a very rare item. £10 The quality of the copy will not be great but at least it will give the facts.

HMS Bulwark 1974 - 1976, condition Good, The Last Commission - 21 years Service £55

HMS Exeter, 1990 , booklet with 8 photographs £6 Details and history of ship

HMS Gloucestert 1st Commission 1985 with photographs and crew lists £26 Details and histories of previous ships of the name

HMS Kent 1653 - 1928 A Short History of HMS Kent 1653 to 1928 small 57 page hardback rare Pub by Sampson Low Marston £16

HMS Leopard 1958 - 1960 1st Commission, SORRY SOLD. Photocopy only now £15

HMS Montrose 1st Commission 1993 - 94 1993 - 94, good, £16 PB

HMS Norfolk 1932-1934 American & West Indies Station, Blue Cover good, Very Rare, well and full account of Commission £73 This is a very full account of the Commission.

The RNVR by J Lennox-Kerr & Wilfred Granville 1st 1957 witha reasonable Dust jacket, Condition VG for the age £20, plus £2 P&P

HMS Renown April 1920. Crossing The Line with His Royal Highnes The Prince of Wales Very Well Illustrated 37 photos of ship and crew and the full story of the event. Condition acceptable for the age £21, plus £2.50 P&P

PHOTOCOPY ONLY NOW AVAILABLE - HMS Revenge, Flagship of Admiral Commanding First Battle Squadron Mediterranean Fleet 1931 - 1934 Commissioning book covering those years, Three Photographs. The one with Admiral Sir Roger RC Backhouse, Captain S D Tillard and Commander RSG Nicholson is actually a real good quality photograph which will scan well. Has the history of all 9 ships of that name. £? ask if interested in a photocopy

HMS RODNEY AT SEA Being the Story of the Second Commission of His Majesty's Battleship Rodney' 1930-1932 BY C. R BENSTEAD This beautifully illustrated book which tells for the first time the story of a battleship in home waters, Mr. C. R. Benstead, who is well known as the author of Retreat, turns from military fiction to naval fact and describes how those who served in H.M.S. Rodney ', one of the two most powerful battleships in the world, spent the years of her second commission. He shows us, too, our island home as the Navy observes it from the sea, and whether he is describing a mimic battle off the I Dogger Bank or the attitude of the Navy to the cuts in pay which led to the protest at Invergordon .£30

Commemorative Edition - Schoolboys To Shipmates
The Story of the Boys of HMS St. Vincent
Edition: only
Format: DVD
Publishers: Malphern Productions
Price: £40 with P&P
Publication Date: Oct 2009
All original copies now sold out which makes this a collector's item

Most St Vincent boys ended up in the fleet as Seamen or Electricians, some rose to the highest rank of Admiral. Others became Pilots or Observers and many specialised in the Medical Branch or as General List Officers in the Operations Branch. Sadly many were killed in World War 2 and other conflicts.
This film is dedicated to those who have already 'Crossed the Bar' to join their 'Oppos' on that last foreign commission in the sky, but more importantly to those of us who have survived the experience, and still continue to enjoy the company of our old shipmates. Our ages now range between early 60's and late 90's and we are all proud to have once been the 'Cradle of the Royal Navy'
Ernie Smith (ex Master at Arms
During the forty one years between 1927 and 1968 when HMS St Vincent finally closed its doors as a Royal Navy Boys Training Establishment on the South Coast of England, over 40,000 15 year old boys walked apprehensively through those famous Victorian gates and marched out a year later

HMS Rhyl 1965 - 1967 3rd Commission SORRY SOLD, Photocopy only now£15

HMS Swiftsure 1944 1st Commission: Sorry, SOLD Full details retained for reference purposes SORRY SOLD - However I have a copy

HMS Theseus (HMS Theseus Goes East) The Cruise of HMS Theseus to the Far east for the Korean War 1950 SORRY SOLD, Photocopy only now £12

HMS Victorious 1958 -59 Cover has not taken the ravages of time to well, (Like us old boy seamen) a little torn and faded, BUT contents all there, 1st Commission after the 7 year refit, very rare Cover very light green and will not scan too well, £44

HMS Victorious. "Send Her Victorious" by Lt Cmdr Michael Apps, Hardback Good Condition with reasonable Dust jacket £19

HMS Victorious. "Victorious the World over" by Ray Barker, Paperback Good Condition £19

HMCS Warrior January 24th 1946, good, £35 (Warrior was tranferred to Canada in 1946 and served with the Canadian Navy until 1948.

You can pay for Special Delivery if you wish. Otherwise books are sent 2nd class or parcel post at cost to you.