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Cammell Laird, Life at Cammell Laird
Cammell Laird, The Golden Years
Cammell Laird, DVD, Old Ships and hard Ships - the story of a shipyard

Life at Lairds- Memories of working shipyard men.
By David Roberts
Life at Lairds is a book of 128 pages that tells what life was like for the thousands of ordinary people that worked in the Birkenhead Shipyard.
Electricians, welders, painters, stagers and many other trades tell their own stories in their own words about spending much of their lives with one employer.
Contains many photographs of Lairds, it's ships and it's surroundings.
"When Lairds has gone and we are a generation or two down the road who will answer the questions, ' What used to be there?' or 'What did they do there?' This book answers the questions."- Sea Breezes
"A Piece of Social History"- Liverpool Echo
PRICE £11.00 inc. p&p in UK

Cammell Laird - the Golden Years
by David Roberts.
Foreword by Frank Field MP
A look back at the world famous shipyard's history with particular focus upon the 1960s and 1970s when Lairds were engaged in the building of Polaris Nuclear submarines. A unique look at the history of this yard that contains many photographs and references.
"Captures life in the prosperous years of the historic Birkenhead shipyard" - Liverpool Echo
"Puts into perspective...the strikes…the Polaris contract…and those who worked at the yard"- Sea Breezes
PRICE £11.00 inc. p&p in UK
Cammell Laird

Old Ships and Hardships - The Story of a Shipyard
By David Roberts
After an extensive search for moving footage of this world famous shipyard at work a film of the history of this shipyard has at last been compiled.
How Cammell Laird served the nation through two World Wars, building world famous vessels like the Rodney, Hood, Mauritania, Ark Royal, Windsor Castle and many more, up to the tragic day when Lairds was finally shut down.
The story of the yard is also told through the voices of the men who worked at Lairds; Welders, crane drivers, electricians and plumbers; they tell of the hardships of building ships in all weathers and the lighter moments that came from some of the 'characters' of the yard.
The film concludes with an impressive list of some of the many hundreds of famous vessels that began their lives on the banks of the River Mersey at Cammell Laird, in Birkenhead.
Price £17.95 inc. p&p in UK

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