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These are a selection of books reviewed which are available from Waterside Press. Waterside Press produce a wide range of books on the Criminal Justice System, they are popular with lawyers, students and others involved with the law, however, many would enhance a police law library or the collections of individual officers. MANY of the subjects covered will be touched on in police training, however officers wishing to climb the promotion ladder in the 21st century will require a broader knowledge. Training Departments should look beyond the standard police law and promotion manuals when developing their libraries.

WATERSIDE PRESS publishes works of interest across the legal system where many of its titles have become staples for practitioners, tutors and librarians. The authors come from a wide range of backgrounds and include for example lawyers, judges, campaigners, ex-prisoners, historians, biographers, criminologists and other experts. They also publish works on aspects of social history and seek to blend readability with excellence, diversity, innovation and integrity

WATERSIDE PRESS Criminal Justice Many current legal issues: Opening up a closed world