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British Directory of Legal Services 2003 Full Price £30 UK, £35 overseas


Varsity Publications ISBN 0946981302 

If you need an expert in just about any subject you can think of, this Directory may provide the answer.  Subjects are listed under 199 headings.

This Ninth Edition of the British Directory of Legal Services contains a section of coloured pages to differentiate the Subject Guide from the rest of the book, which is designed to simplify usage.

Since the first Directory was published in 1987 it has been the aim to keep the format as straightforward and easy-to-use as possible.  Feedback is appreciated.

Every entry in this new Edition of the Directory has been checked and updated, with amendments being made right up to the time of going to press in October 2002. Users are advised to communicate with firms listed before sending them important legal documents and/or instructions, to establish that the recipients are able to undertake those instructions and to ensure that there have been no interim changes of address. Where there are such changes, or if users become aware of any new additions or deletions which occur subse­quently, Varsity will be pleased to hear from them in order to make successive Editions as accurate and up-to-date as possible.



This section is an alphabetical list of the areas of expertise covered by the practices included in the Directory. Main subject divisions and sub-divisions are given. The firms and individuals listed are arranged in the alphabetical order of the County in which they fall. Locate the firm geographically nearest to the area you require and turn to the appropriate County listings in Part 2.


This section is an alphabetical listing of the Counties in England and regions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Within each County is listed the full name, address, telephone number etc of each individual practice. Following each address is an abbreviation referring to the Classification(s) of expertise provided, and detailed in Part 1.


Each practice or individual is listed alphabetically, together with the page number of their main entry in Part 2.

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A5 Paperback 304 pages £30.00, post free in UK

Published annually since 1984, this is the definitive guide to the services offered by professional investigators,

process servers, bailiffs, security consultants, etc. throughout the U.K. and Ireland.

FOREWORD 2002 Edition


It is gratifying to be constantly told that the `Varsity' directory is the most highly regarded and widely used source of information on the services offered by professionals in the fields with which it deals. As publishers, we strive to maintain high standards, both with respect to the companies featured and the presentation of the information. Another clearly defined policy is to keep the book simple in its layout and straightforward to use.

To this end, entries for England are listed in county order under town headings. Scotland is divided into geographical areas, rather than the numerous old counties, which makes it easier to locate appropriate services here and, for the first time in this edition, the same policy has been adopted for Wales. Hence, the Principality is now split into the logical divisions of Mid, North, South and West Wales. Readers are reminded, however, that many of the companies listed perform their services over a much wider area than their home town itself.

Although this is not an awards acceptance speech, I would like to record my thanks to my colleagues who have worked so hard to help to get this edition to press on time, in particular Lyn Marsh and Matthew Barber, and also pay tribute to the work of Bryan Roberts of Laserset who is responsible for the attractive appearance of the pages.

As usual, every entry within this publication has been checked and updated, with amendments made right up to the time of going to press in December 2001. However, users of the book are urged to contact the firms listed before sending them important legal documents as addresses and company policies do change from time to time.

Finally, when contacting any of the companies featured, please let them know that you saw them listed in the Varsity Directory of Investigators & Process Servers, thus enabling them to keep records of the source of their business.

Crispin Williams, Editor


Price £30 UK: £35 Overseas


I am delighted to welcome you to the Seventh Edition of the Varsity International Directory of Investigators. We are now in our fourteenth successful year and this 2002 Edition is bigger than ever before - almost 300 pages covering 150 Countries worldwide.

At the suggestion of some of our users, we are this year showing full international telephone dialling codes against each entry, so that making contact abroad is now even simpler. In addition, the number of companies now listing e-mail addresses has increased dramatically, so we hope the many users of our Directories will find Varsity a fast and effective way to locate an investigator wherever they need one around the world.

We make no claim to have compiled a comprehensive listing of all Investigators throughout the World, but every effort has been made to give good national coverage for as many Countries as possible in each Continent. There are some obvious omissions, where the political regime does not encountenance Professional Investigators. There are also other Countries where despite all our efforts, it has proved impossible to obtain details of any companies and individuals involved in this field, though occasionally we have been able to provide details of Security Companies, Credit Investigation Organisations, Insurance Claims Adjusters or similar as alternatives.

The Directory has been in preparation for over nine months, and wherever possible the source of information has been the companies themselves. Where necessary, however, information has been obtained from the most recent secondary sources available, and in this respect we gratefully acknowledge assistance provided by the U.K. Department of Trade & Industry, as well as various national Embassies. In addition, many professional bodies in the field of Investigation have kindly provided lists of their members.

As with all our Directories, we firmly recommend that before sending off confidential instructions or releasing important legal documents to any company listed, particularly overseas, users first of all check that the company is able to carry out your instructions.

Finally, we welcome all suggestions and comments from users concerning any improvements in the scope or layout of this new Directory, and we hope that users will advise us of any additions, deletions, or changes of address which occur over the forthcoming year which will enable us to make future editions as accurate, useful and effective as possible.


POLICE (Law Enforcement)