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Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences
Edition: 26th 2013
Format: Hardback- Two Vols
Authors: General Editor: Kevin McCormac, Consultant Editor: Peter Wallis Editors: Philip Brown, Nick Watson, Peter Veits and Kathryn Swift
ISBN: 9780414028562
Publishers: Sweet & Maxwell,
Price: £329
Publication Date: 20th Sept 2013

Publisher's Title Information

Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences is the leading work on the law and practice of road traffic offences. The 26th edition brings you up to date with the latest developments in road traffic law.
Brings the main work up to date to March 1, 2013.
Coverage of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 including the new offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and the changes with regard to the administration of legal aid.
Identification and consideration of the extensively revised provisions relating to the imposition of the victim surcharge.
Authoritative review of the range of provisions reflecting the fundamental shift taking place in the management of criminal justice, including improving the speed with which cases are dealt with, the new allocation procedures and the revisions to the Criminal Procedure Rules increasing the emphasis on electronic service of documents.
In-depth commentary on latest case law: Coates v Crown Prosecution Service (2011) (driving on a road); R. v Lee (Peter Bruce) (2012), R. v Sloss (2012) (hearsay); R. v Chinn (2012) (refreshing memory); Bielecki v DPP (2011); Afolayan v Crown Prosecution Service (2012) (provision of blood specimens); R. (on the application of Clarke) v Ipswich Crown Court (2013) (post-offence consumption of alcohol); R. v Shearing (2012) (difference between dangerous and careless driving); R. v Jenkins (2012) (causing death by dangerous driving); Pipe v DPP (2012) (speeding: defence of necessity); R. (on the application of Seroka) v Redhill Magistrates' Court (2012) (speed check equipment); Lynes v DPP (2012) (furnishing information); Case C-184/10 Grasser v Freistaat Bayern (2011) (drivers from abroad); R. (on the application of VOSA) v Kayes (2012) (goods vehicle operators' licences: exemptions); Gateshead Council v Henderson (2012) (taxis and private hire vehicles); Case C-554/09 Criminal Proceedings against Andreas Michael Seeger (drivers' hours: goods vehicles); R. v Meeking (2012) (causing danger to road users); R. v Stokes (discretionary disqualification); DPP v Heathcote (2011) (special reasons).
Authoritative consideration of effect of sentencing guidelines on cases of causing death by dangerous and careless driving: R. v Black (2012), R. v Dolejis (2012), R. v Swainston (2012), R. v Holburt (2012), R. v Sutcliffe (2012).
Latest legislative developments as regards goods vehicle operators and public service vehicle licensing and fitness requirements implementing EC Regulations.
Note of relevant statutory instruments including changes to law as regards construction and use; traffic signs; disabled parking; immobilisation and removal of vehicles; driving licences (minimum standards for medical fitness); goods and passenger vehicles (certificates of professional competence); carriage of dangerous substances; working time of “mobile workers”; assessment and imposition of fines.
Full updating in Volume 2.

As the definitive authority on road traffic offences in England and Wales Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences is the go-to guide covering every facet of road traffic law you are likely to encounter, whatever the situation. Providing an unbeatable combination of in-depth analysis with, a user-friendly format Wilkinson's explains the law, legal principles and procedure, showing both what the law is and how to proceed with prosecuting or defending a case.
Setting out the basic principles and clarifies key terms, it covers specific offences chapter by-chapter ensuring relevant information is easy to find, and follows through to sentencing and appeals, covering every aspect in chronological order, so you're never at a loss for the answer you need.
With a renowned and authoritative author team, led by Kevin McCormac, the book sets out the implications of legislative and case law developments, goes through typical and unusual situations and provides advice on the law relating to him and provides easy access to core statutory and related primary materials, with annotation to clarify complex areas, but that's not all...
The work also gives full consideration of the Sentencing Guidelines Council's revised Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines as regards each road traffic offence and covers the newly in force causing death by driving offences and the Sentencing Guidelines Council's definitive sentencing guideline applying to them.

The Authors

KEVIN MCCORMAC has been General Editor since 2008 and is a Judge of the First-Tier Tribunal and a barrister. Following more than 25 years in the magistrates' courts service primarily as a Justices' clerk, he moved to central government and headed the secretariat supporting the Sentencing Guidelines Council and Sentencing Advisory Panel until 2010.
PETER WALLIS is a solicitor, a Recorder of the Crown Court and a former District Judge (Magistrates' Courts). He was General Editor for no fewer than 11 editions and maintains his connection with the book now as Consultant Editor.
PHILIP BROWN a solicitor and former Senior Traffic Commissioner, Great Britain, worked in the magistrates' courts service as a justices' clerk and as director of legal studies for continuing legal education at the University of Cambridge before being appointed a full-time traffic commissioner (a single person tribunal) in 2000.
NICK WATSON was called to the Bar in 1986 and is justices' clerk for Leicestershire & Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. He sits as a Deputy District Judge (Magistrates' Courts).
PETER VEITS was called to the Bar in 1985 and in 2011 was appointed as a District Judge (Magistrates' Courts) sitting in Norfolk.
KATHRYN SWIFT is an Editorial Consultant and has extensive editorial experience in legal and professional publishing.


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