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Disappearing Britain - The EU and the Death of Local Government 

Edition: 1st

Author: Lindsay Jenkins


Publishers: Orange State Press

Price £14.99 RRP UK

Publication Date: 2005

Press Release

Are regions British? Are they John Prescott’s idea? Or Brussels? At last here is the definitive answer.  This book is the third in Lindsay Jenkins’ Britain in Europe series.

 Lord Tebbit writes in the foreword:

Lindsay Jenkins’ meticulous research has uncovered in all its details the Brussels Eurocrats’ agenda for the break up of the United Kingdom...she is the first to put together the many pieces in this jigsaw to reveal the full picture of the plan, which will shock many people.

 Lindsay Jenkins writes:

The battle for Britain is now being fought  - not at the national level  - but by ordinary people agitating at the grassroots. That truly is local democracy at work. This book is intended to give ammunition to the rebels and to alert everyone to the truth behind regional government.’


 Introducing the Slow Death of Nations and Democracy

 Voters Resoundingly Reject Regional Government

 The EU Defines Regional Government

Regionalising Britain is a Long Term Project

Who Masterminded the Regional Revolution?

The UK is Broken Up

 Churchmen and Charities Campaign for Regions

How Taxpayers Pay to Persuade Themselves

Regions have Limited Powers

Taxpayers Foot a Heavy Bill

Democracy Redefined and Downgraded

 Cabals Challenge People Power

 Stakeholders Diminish Democracy

 Sub Regions ‘Respond to a Strong Regional Voice’

 New Regions Envelop Europe

 The EU Spins across a Continent

 Borders are the Scars of History’

 Manipulating Minorities to Divide and Rule

Local Languages Exploited to Divide Countries

How Far is Germany Implicated?

In Conclusion

Notes, References and Index

Review by Bryan Smalley.

Are regions British? Are they John Prescott’s idea? Or Brussels?  At last here is the definitive answer.

Lindsay Jenkins has dedicated many years of research into the European Union and already has three books to her credit.  These books starkly illustrate how much 'Brussels' has hijacked Britain's political, economic and judicial life.  This latest book 'Disappearing Britain' concentrates on the imminent demise of Local Government as we know it. It illustrates that Regional government is not an initiative of John Prescott.  It shows conclusively that Regionalisation is a process of the EU. This is being handled by the EU with great skill.   After reading this book the reader is left in no doubt whatsoever that the EU is deliberately and stealthily taking control of every part of our democracy. Like an invisible hand the EU operates through the shell of traditional political structures. Our institutions and civil servants are still here, but they have all become agents of the European Union implementing European law.

Lindsay Jenkins explains the 'post democratic era' which term is self explanatory.  In the 'New World Order' government will be through international businesses (stakeholders) and the unaccountable political élite.

In spite of her existing extensive knowledge of the subject, this book demonstrates further meticulous research by Lindsay Jenkins.  The book is then presented in an easily readable style.  It is divided into twenty chapters covering individual subjects in turn. Those with a particular interest can go straight to the chapter which appeals to them, but it would be a grave mistake not to read every chapter before laying down the book. It is a must for anyone who values our way of life.

The majority of people in this country have formed an opinion about the EU without reading a single piece of literature on the subject, apart from the propaganda which is constantly fed to them and which is paid for with their own taxes.

It is co-incidental that the book has been published at the same time that the Police Service is about to be regionalised to conform to the EU’s instructions, but this has not been revealed by the Home Secretary or any other person involved in the re-organisation.

I urge everyone to read this book and then form their own opinion.  The future of this country depends on your judgement.  It is nearly too late to stop this bulldozer which is destroying our democracy.

Bryan Smalley.


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