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Telling Lies
Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage,
Edition: Revised Edition
Format: Paperback
Author: Paul Ekman
ISBN: 0-393-32188-6
Publishers: WW Norton
Price: £11.99
Publication Date:2 009
Publisher's Title Information

From breaking the law to breaking a promise, how do people lie and how can they be caught?
Paul Ekman, a renowned expert in emotions research and nonverbal communication, has now updated his groundbreaking inquiry into lying and methods for uncovering lies. From the deception strategies of international public figures, such as Adolf Hitler and Richard Nixon, to the deceitful behaviour of private individuals, including adulterers and petty criminals, Ekman shows that a successful liar most often depends on a wilfully innocent dupe. His study describes how lies vary in form and can differ from other types of misinformation, as well as how a person's body language, voice, and facial expressions can give away a lie but still escape the detection of professional lie huntersjudges, police officers, drug enforcement agents, Secret Service agents, and others. Photographs and line drawings.

"[A] wealth of detailed, practical information about lying and lie detection and a penetrating analysis of the ethical implications."Jerome D. Frank, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
"Ekman [is] a pioneer in emotions research and nonverbal communication. . . . Accurate, intelligent, informative, and thoughtful."Carol Z. Malatesta, New York Times Book Review

The Author
Paul Ekman is professor of psychology at the University of California, San Francisco.

Police Brutality An Anthology
Author: Edited by Jill Nelson
ISBN: 0393321630
Publishers W W Norton
Price:$11.95 RRP UK
Publication Date: 5 June 2002

Described by the Publishers as, "A revelatory examination of one of America's most serious domestic problems- a wholly unique work that investigates historical and sociological roots and grapples for solutions."

Police brutality is one of America’s most serious domestic problems, the most famous example being the brutal beating of Rodney King in LA in 1991, captured on video and broadcast to millions. Four white officers were accused but acquitted of most of the charges.More recently, in New York, police shot dead Amadou Diallo, an immigrant from Guinea, who they mistook for a suspected criminal; a Haitian immigrant, Abner Louima, was beaten and tortured by a white officer in a Brooklyn police station toilet; in Philadelphia (also caught on film) a black man was beaten and kicked during his arrest by a group of black and white officers.

This book now out in paperback, is an attempt to understand the origins of the problem. Edited by Jill Nelson, a journalist and professor at the City College of New York, Police Brutality collects the voices, insights and wisdom of twelve prominent writers, social activists, historians and an ex-New York City police officer, among others. Together, they investigate the historical and sociological roots of police violence and grapple for solutions to what has become one of America’s most divisive and corrupting social ills.

Police Brutality is a collection of heartfelt personal testimony, political essays and social critique that shows the immensity of the police brutality problem. These essays reveal a long tradition of police violence in American history, most of it race-related, which has been on the rise since the 1970’s. Never before has it been properly examined and addressed.

Jill Nelson is a journalist and the author of Volunteer Slavery and Straight, No Chaser. She is a regular columnist for MSNBC.com and USA Today and a professor of journalism at the City College of New York.

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