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Learning Matters 2007

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Law for Student Police Officers

Edition: 1st

Author: Jonathan Merritt

ISBN: 978 1846410383

Publishers: Learning Matters

Price: £20

Publication Date: 2007

Publisher’s title Information

This new, comprehensive text examines all the areas of criminal and policing law that Student Officers need to study during their IPLDP. Presented in a user-friendly format, each chapter is linked explicitly to the relevant National Occupational Standards and includes clear aims and objectives, revision notes, knowledge check questions and answers, practical activities, and suggestions for the reader’s SOLAP (Student Officer Learning and Assessment Portfolio). As well as being ideal for Student Officers, this book is a valuable resource for PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) with its coverage of the relevant National Occupational Standards for PCSOs.

Key features:

All chapters are linked to National Occupational Standards for Policing and Law Enforcement

Includes ‘need to know boxes’, practical activities and exam-style knowledge check questions

Suitable for Student Officer training at both foundation degree and NVQ levels

Includes suggestions for Student Officers' SOLAP portfolios.




Table of statutes

Table of cases

Introduction - How to use this book

Basic legal concepts

Human rights

Police powers under PACE 1984 and SOCPA 2005

Other police powers

Police organisation

Violence and intimidation

Sexual offences

Drugs and solvents

Property Offences

Public order

Crime Prevention


Sentencing Issues

Introduction to Evidence

Children, young persons and the mentally ill

Conspiring, aiding, abetting and attempting to commit crime


Alcohol, drunkenness and licensing

Roads policing

An understanding of civil law

Appendix 1



The book is a great starting point if you are just starting as a trainee police officer. Great knowledge checks, revision notes, aims, objectives and scenarios. I am half way through learning loads. Danielle Fitzsimmons, Nuneaton"

Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process - 2nd Edition

Edition: 2nd 2010, Paperback

Author: Peter Cox

ISBN: 978 1844453580

Publishers: Law Matters Publishing

Price: £17

Publication Date: 2010

Publisher’s Title Information

The number of people applying to join the police continues to grow, but only one in ten applications prove successful. This new book, written by a former police officer who helped devise the assessment process, is packed with practical advice for those applying to become a police officer. It is easy to read and use, covering all aspects of the process - from completing the application form to the logical and numerical reasoning tests - ensuring that the reader is fully prepared to undergo selection.

Includes practical tips to help with application forms, interviews and role plays

Practical exercises and advice on how to avoid common pitfalls

Sample logical and verbal reasoning questions, with explanations of the correct solutions

Each chapter includes a 'top tips' section to aid preparation

For over four years, Peter Cox was an Inspector in exams and assessment at Centrex, Harrogate. During this period he was responsible for training recruit assessors, designing recruit assessment exercises and ensuring the assessment process was adopted nationally by all police forces.. He has also served as a Police Officer for twenty-seven years and holds a Certificate of Education.

Practical Skills for Police Community Support Officers

Edition: Paperback

Author: Sue Madsen

ISBN: 9781846410406

Publishers: Law Matters Publishing

Price £14

Publication Date: 4th May 2007

Publisher’s Title Information

Are you training or applying to become a Police Community Support Officer, or an existing PCSO who wants to revise and update your knowledge?  Whatever stage you are at, you will find this book an invaluable companion in your day-to-day practice. With helpful overviews and reminders of the skills essential to a PCSO, this book will help you meet the challenges and demands of the job.

Common scenarios are described in detail, with a step-by-step explanation of the suggested response and action. Completely up-to-date, the book encourages you to draw upon current legislation and police methods in a number of different situations.  The National Occupational Standards are highlighted throughout to develop competency and indicate opportunities for workplace assessment and portfolio development. Easy to read and clearly laid-out, this book is a "must-have" for all PCSOs at any point in their career.

About the Practical Policing Skills series:  All the books in this series have been created for anyone preparing, or training, for a career in the police service.  Each title is full of practical advice and built around the competencies and standards for policing.

The Author:

Sue Madsen is a serving Police Sergeant with Durham Constabulary. Her current post as a Police Trainer and Trainer Development Officer is based within the professional development unit of Durham Constabulary, where she deals exclusively with the operational tutelage period and assessment of student police officers. Sue also holds a Certificate of Education and is both a qualified Recruit Assessor and Police Promotions OSPRE Exam Assessor.



Role of the Police Community Support Officer

Skills and Abilities

Effective Foot Patrol

Anti-Social Behaviour (Youth Nuisance)

Community Meetings


Traffic Related Duties

Vehicle Nuisance

Statement Writing

Appendix A: PCSO: suggested standardised powers

Appendix B: PCSO: role profile

Appendix C: Witness statement: property

Appendix D: Witness statement: youth nuisance

Appendix E: Witness statement: alcohol



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