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Learning Matters 2011

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Reflective Practice for Policing Students
Series: Policing Matters
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Author: Selina Copley
ISBN: 9781844458486
Publishers: Learning Matters
Price: 15
Publication Date: 15th Feb 2011

Publisher's Title Information

Key features:
Reflective practice explained and exemplified within a policing context
Plenty of practical examples and case studies
Illustrates how reflective practice is an essential tool for a future policing career
Clear and straightforward advice provides support and helps students grow in confidence
Reflective practice is a key element of both police training and police practice in the 21st century. This text provides an essential guide to reflective practice for all those studying for degrees and foundation degrees in policing. Taking an accessible and practical approach, the book considers four broad areas. It looks at what reflective practice is, including practical models of reflection, and discusses why it is important. It examines reflective practice within the specific context of policing through a range of case studies and examples, and considers the vital role of reflective practice as part of continuing professional development.
The police student: an adult learner
What is reflective practice?
The importance of values and beliefs
Models of reflection: a practical guide
The first steps: relating theory to practice
Strategies for enhancing reflection
Reflecting for life: planning a successful career


Selina Copley, University of Huddersfield


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