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Learning Matters 2008

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Children as Victims
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Editors: Peter Kennison and Anthony Goodman
ISBN: 9781844451364
Publishers: Learning Matters Ltd
Price: 20
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher's Title Information

This book highlights the problems, dilemmas and challenges facing the child protection agencies in England and Wales, and tackles a variety of areas where knowledge on child abuse is either limited or out-of-date. Raising awareness of social, demographic, situational and environmental risk factors that may lead to the harming of children, it also looks at difficult cultural issues that sometimes get in the way of protecting children. Any professional working in, or studying, child protection will find this book an essential read.
Key features
Provides a snapshot of the lived reality of children as victims
Uses research to show how and under what circumstances children are harmed
Considers child victims and restorative justice within the setting of Youth Offending Teams Also examines child protection in Church and faith-based situations

The Editors
Peter Kennison has been a practitioner and an academic for over 35 years. He joined the Metropolitan Police in 1970 and, in a career that spanned two decades and five police divisions; his operational experience regularly brought him into contact with child protection issues. He is now a Senior Lecturer and Criminology undergraduate Programme Leader at Middlesex University, where he has, with Anthony Goodman, developed a child protection module called Children as Victims and Offenders.
Anthony Goodman has been a practitioner and an academic for over 30 years. He worked as a probation officer in a number of settings, including a secondment to HMP Holloway women's prison, before moving to Middlesex University. He is a Principal Lecturer in social science, has run a Masters applied criminology programme for the past 10 years and also lectures in social work.

Sally Angus, Chris Bourlet, Caroline Chatwin, Gwyn Daniel, Sue Goodman, Nic Hinrichsen, Caroline Metcalf, David Porteous

Series Editors
Professor Jonathan Parker is Head of Social Work and Learning Disability at Bournemouth University and, with colleagues, has developed the Centre for Social Work and Social Care Research. He is past chair of the Association of Teachers in Social Work Education and current vice-chair of the Joint University Council Social Work Education Committee.
Greta Bradley is Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of York, where she teaches community care and research methods. She has practice and management experience in the statutory sector. Her recent research is on aspects of charging for long-term care and a follow-up study of care managers


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