Jessica Kingsley books Reviewed in 2012

Mediation Skills and Strategies A Practical Guide
Foreword by Mohamed M. Keshavjee
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Author: Tony Whatling
ISBN: 9781849052993
Publishers: Jessica Kingsley
Price: 18.99
Publication Date: 2012

Publisher's Title Information

This book is essential for anyone who wants to improve their mediation skills, whether as a trainee, novice or experienced professional.
Mediation is a process that can be used to resolve conflict in many different dispute contexts. This book focuses on the essential skills and strategies needed by any mediator to be successful in their work.
Tony Whatling draws on his extensive experience in the field of mediation to explain the range of skills and strategies that are commonly used, as well as why you would use different skills and when they are best employed. The author shows how, by adopting these techniques, a mediator can manage challenging conflicts. It features the use of questioning skills and how they can be used effectively, as well as how to deal with high emotion and negative responses.

The Author

Tony Whatling has over twenty-five years' experience of mediation practice and has trained hundreds of mediators in Family, Community, Health Care Complaints, Victim Offender and Workplace Mediation. He has published widely on the subject of mediation, has presented papers and workshops at international conferences and is a professional practice consultant to a number of mediation services. He has designed and delivered training to over 1,000 Muslim mediators in the UK, Pakistan, India, USA, Canada, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Portugal, Syria and Afghanistan.


Introduction. 1. Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and some essential principles defined. 2. Listening skills. 3. Questioning skills. 4. Providing a mirror to the client. 5. Some more advanced level strategies. 6. Managing high conflict and emotion. 7. Responding to difficult questions and behaviour. References. Index.


'The reader of this book is indeed fortunate to have the benefit of Tony Whatling's unique wealth of mediation practice, training and teaching experience distilled so accessibly. This clear and comprehensive exposition of mediator skills and strategies, enriched both by vivid concrete examples and the theoretical literature, is essential reading for anyone wishing to acquire and enhance their mediation expertise.' - Marian Roberts, Visiting Fellow, Department of Law, London School of Economics, and author of Developing the Craft of Mediation

'Tony Whatling gathers together pearls of wisdom which he has been passing on to mediation trainees and colleagues for over three decades. His book is remarkably comprehensive, yet very easy to read. For a trainee or inexperienced mediator it will be absolutely invaluable. It affords the opportunity to experienced mediators to refresh, hone and acquire skills in a thoroughly enjoyable read which I unhesitatingly recommend.' - Margot Moffit, Family Law solicitor, family mediator and trainer

Child Protection Systems in the United Kingdom
A Comparative Analysis
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Authors: Anne Stafford, Nigel Parton, Sharon Vincent and Connie Smith
ISBN: 978-1-84905-067-8
Publishers: Jessica Kingsley
Price: 25
Publication Date: 2012
Paperback: 25.00 / $44.95

Publisher's Title Information

Child protection systems differ across the four countries of the United Kingdom, and understanding the differences provide important opportunities for learning and improving day-to-day practice.
This authoritative book compares UK child protection systems with other systems world-wide as well as scrutinising and comparing the systems in different parts of the UK. Reflecting on the impact of devolution, the authors consider and critically analyse the way child protection systems are being developed, thought about and put into practice in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. An intra-country comparative approach is applied to the main features making up child protection including: policy frameworks, inter-agency guidance, the role of Local Safeguarding Children Boards and Area Child Protection Committees, child deaths and Serious Case Review processes, and vetting and barring legislation and systems. The authors also consider the unique position occupied by England and explore future directions for child protection across the UK.
This important book will be of considerable interest to child welfare policy makers, academics, researchers, practitioners and students.


1. Introduction: About this Book. Part 1. Introduction and Context. 2. Contexts and Drivers of Policy Change in Child Protection across the UK. 3. Child Protection across the UK in an International Context. 4. Learning by Comparing: Some Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Conducting Comparative Research. Part 2. Child Protection Processes and Structures. 5. Policies and Procedures to Protect Children across the UK. 6. Managing Individual Cases where there are Child Protection Concerns. 7. Assessment Frameworks. 8. Child Death Review Processes. 9. Child Protection and Offender Management Systems across the UK.10. Summary and Conclusion: Child Protection across the UK. Appendix. References. Index.


The content and purpose of this book is summed up in the 'Introduction and context' where it sets out the aim of understanding child protection systems across the UK by providing a broad and deep prospective. Correctly the authors point out what complex and interrelated factors govern this field with chapters covering, inter alia; ' The International context; 'Learning by Comparing'; Policies and Procedures'; and 'Child Death Review Processes'. The Appendix lists Legislation and this is followed by a full reference section. Chapter 10 sums up with some firm conclusions. For those working with child protection this is a crucial book

Rob Jerrard