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Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008
A Practitioner's Guide
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Authors: Richard Ward, Vanessa Bettinson
ISBN: 978 1 84661 121 6
Publishers: Jordans
Price: 45
Publication Date: September 2008
Publisher's Title Information

The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 is the latest in a long-line of criminal justice and immigration statutes. It contains a set of wide ranging provisions in respect of dealing with adult and young offenders, important procedural changes, new criminal offences and changes to immigration law. Amongst the matters contained in the Act include:
Changes to the rules relating to bail and allocation of offences
Changes to sentences of imprisonment or detention for public protection
Violent Offender Orders
Further changes to the rules relating to release and recall of offenders
The new community orders for young offenders - Youth Rehabilitation Orders
Conditional cautions for young offenders
Anti-social behaviour orders - extension of powers
New criminal offences - possession of extreme pornography; hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation; offences relating to nuclear material and installations
The new law relating to special immigration status
The new rules relating to reasonable force for the purposes of self defence
International co-operation in the enforcement of financial penalties
Changes to the powers of the Court of Appeal and other procedural changes
The breadth of the Act means that the changes impact significantly those working in the areas of criminal justice and immigration. Written by leading academic criminal lawyers, Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008: A Practitioner's Guide reproduces the act in full with a thorough and authoritative commentary on the provisions of the new Act and its likely impact.

The Author
Richard Ward, Professor of Public Law and Head of Department of Law, Vanessa Bettinson, both of Leicester De Montfort Law School, Leicester

Injunctions Against Anti-Social. or Violent Individuals
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Author: Mathu Asokan , Lorna Findlay, & Delia Truman
ISBN: 978-1-84661-079-0
Publishers: Jordans
Price: 49
Publication Date: March 2008
Publisher's Title Information
From the Foreword by The Honourable Mr Justice Foskett:
"For those called upon to handle the legal and practical issues arising, a readable and readily accessible source of guidance is essential. This book provides it. Every practitioner in the field should have a copy close at hand."
This new work brings together for the first time in one volume the taw and procedure relating to civil injunctions against anti-social or violent individuals. The work includes coverage of the following types of civil injunction:
Anti-social Behaviour Orders;
Anti-social Behaviour Injunctions;
Injunctions under the Protection from Harassment 1997; Injunctions under the Local Government Act 1972; and Injunctions under the Family Law Act 1996.
Each chapter deals with potential claimants and defendants, applicable procedure, conditions to be satisfied before an order is granted, terms of the order, enforcement and costs.
A comprehensive selection of checklists, forms and precedents (including model pleadings and draft orders) are included in each chapter.
Injunctions Against Anti-social or Violent Individuals is a highly practical work, particularly suitable for use in court as a quick reference guide. It is essential reading for all solicitors and barristers specialising in housing, local government, criminal and family law, as well as for local authorities, registered social landlords and housing trusts, the police and youth offending teams.

Social Work Decision-Making: A Guide for Childcare Lawyers
Edition: 1st
Category: Family Law
Format: Paperback
Authors: E Isaacs and C Shepherd
ISBN: 978 1 84661 065 3
Publishers: Family Law (Jordan Publishing Limited)
Price: 45
Publication Date: March 2008
Publisher's Title Information

Social workers working with children and families are required to make complex and difficult decisions on a daily basis which often result in court proceedings. Social Work Decision-Making: A Guide For Childcare Lawyers is a comprehensive guide for childcare lawyers and other professionals seeking to understand the policies and procedures involved in such social work practice.
This book explores what social workers are required to do in order to 'get it right', and, perhaps more importantly for childcare lawyers, how to identify when social workers may have 'got it wrong'. By exploring the way in which social workers practice, this book equips childcare lawyers with the knowledge and skill to deconstruct and analyse the decision-making process - namely the main elements of the social work assessment, intervention and case planning - within the framework of the regulatory requirements and the context of government guidance about best practice.
Social Work Decision-Making: A Guide For Childcare Lawyers takes a practical approach, with an emphasis on fact-based examples. Key topics which are covered include inter-agency cooperation, disclosure issues, social work assessment methodology and child protection conferences.

The Legal Framework
Why do lawyers need to know about social work?
The referral to the local authority
The local authority response - the s47 investigation
The assessment process
Child protection planning
The local authority's duties towards looked-after children
Adoption and permanency
Leaving care
How to analyse the local authority's decision-making process

The Authors
Elizabeth Isaacs, Barrister, St Ive's Chambers
Carmel Shepherd, Children's Guardian; Independent Local Authority Panels Chair, Trainer and Consultant

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A Handbook for Expert Witnesses in Children Act cases
Edition: 2nd 2008
Format: Paperback with CR ROM
Author: The Rt Hon Lord Justice Wall
ISBN: 978 1846610349
Publishers: Family Law (Jordan Publishing)
Price: 30
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher's Title Information

A Handbook for Expert Witnesses in Children Act Cases provides practical advice and guidance for expert witnesses who need to prepare reports and give evidence under the Children Act 1989, with a view to promoting good practice.

This new edition of the handbook is fully updated, includes several new chapters, and explains the way in which the courts, hearing proceedings relating to children, approach expert evidence. It aims to dispel misunderstandings and to help doctors and other related professionals to achieve an awareness and understanding of the important legal developments which have recently taken place. Accordingly the book aims to encourage more suitably qualified experts to take on this very important work.

The Rt Hon Lord Justice Wall brings together advice and comment on the respective roles of the expert and the judge, the general duties of expert witnesses, preparing reports and giving evidence in child proceedings, to produce an essential guide for expert witnesses, judges and legal practitioners.

Meadow v GMC
Why am I Doing This?
The Nature of Family Proceedings Relating to Children
Three Cardinal Principles Governing Family Proceedings
The Respective Roles of Expert and Judge: Why the Professional Integrity of Experts is so Important
The General Duties of Experts
What you can Advise the Judge about
Preliminary Enquiries of the Expert
The nature of the Brief Given by the Court
The Letter of Instruction
Your Enquiries: The General Rule and Some Pitfalls
Discussions Between Experts Prior to Reports being Written
Meetings of Experts Directed by the Court
Pre-hearing Conferences with Counsel and/or with the Solicitor who has Commissioned the Expert Report
Joint Instructions
Where there are both Criminal and Care Proceedings under the Children Act
Writing the Report
Changing your Opinion
Preparing for Court
Witness Summonses
What happens at and in Court: Introduction
At Court: Who can you Talk to?
Giving Evidence
Feedback and Complaints
Payment of Experts Fees and Charges
The Public Law Protocol: Appendix C
The Family Justice Council
The Relevance of the Human Rights Act 1998 and The European Convention on Human Rights
Which Expert? Psychiatrist or Psychologist?
Reliance on Psychometric Testing
Anonymous or Partial Instructions
The Dangers of being the Single Expert
What if you are the Treating Clinician?
Difficult Medical Issues in which the Court has Become Involved?
Will you be Named?
Anonymity in Proceedings
Includes CD-ROM containing the updated Expert Witness Pack, revised by Dr Eileen Vizard, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, NSPCC and Penny Cooper, Barrister, Associate Dean, The City Law School and Inns of Court School of Law

Reviews to Date
"This excellent book should be read by a range of professionals within the family justice system ... an essential contribution to the development of a coherent family justice system"
Child Psychology & Psychiatry.


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