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European Criminal Law, 3rd edition
Edition: 3rd
Format: Hardback
Author: André Klip
ISBN: 9781780682709
Publishers: Intersentia
Price: £108
Publication Date: Jan 2016

Publisher's title information

European criminal law is explained as a multi-level field of law, in which the European Union has a normative influence on substantive criminal law, criminal procedure and on the co-operation between Member States. This book aims to analyse the contours of the emerging criminal justice system of the European Union and to present a coherent picture of the legislation enacted and the case law on European Union level and its influence on national criminal law and criminal procedure, with specific attention for the position of the accused.
Among the topics and questions covered in this book are the following: What does mutual recognition mean in the context of the European Arrest Warrant? How can European Union law be invoked by an accused standing trial in a national criminal proceeding? When is the Charter of Fundamental Freedoms applicable in national criminal proceedings? These and other pertinent questions are dealt with on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the case law of the Court of Justice and legislation. In addition, the book challenges the reader to assess the mutual influence of Union law and national criminal law respectively and explains how Union law will usually prevail although national criminal law still remains relevant.
The book is unique in the wealth of court decisions and legal instruments it covers. This makes European Criminal Law an invaluable source for every European and criminal lawyer (be they practitioner, academic or student). This third updated and extended edition fully covers the transitionary period of the Treaty of Lisbon as well as all other developments up to and including autumn 2015.

Reviews of previous editions:

About the '[…] his innovative scheme has caused him to think ahead. It is to this book, I suspect, that both lawyers and policy-makers will increasingly refer when confronted by some new issue.' Prof. John Spencer (Cambridge University) in CMLR (2010) 1557, 1559 (on the 1st edition of European Criminal Law)
'Overall this is an impressive work: it is a thorough and skilful analysis, practically touching all essential aspects of the criminal justice system. It is a tremendous work of synthesis, drawing conclusions from over 200 legislative acts and over 750 decisions of the European Court of Justice.' Prof. Norel Neagu (Police Academy, Bucharest) in European Law Review (2010) 447, 449 (on the 1st edition of European Criminal Law) 'The House of Lords EU Subcommittee E launched an inquiry which posed the question: “Should EU laws on policing and crime adopted before the Lisbon Treaty entered into force in December 2009 continue to apply in the UK after they become subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in December 2014?” Anyone who seeks to understand and answer the impact of that question and its answer would do well to read Professor Klip's outstanding text […].' David J Dickson, solicitor advocate, Head of Extradition, Crown Office, Edinburgh in, The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland (2013) (on the 2nd edition of European Criminal Law)

The Author

André Klip was trained and graduated in law. He has been Professor of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and the Transnational Aspects of Criminal Law since 2001. he is Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Penal Law. Founder and Editor of Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals (42 volumes since 1999). Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal on Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. In 2012 he published the 2nd edition of European Criminal Law. An Integrative Approach, Intersentia Cambridge. Throughout his career, professor Klip has been frequently involved in national and international legal practice. As of-counsel for various law firms he has been involved in litigation and advice relating to cases before the Court of Justice, the European Commission of Human Rights, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands and many first and second instance cases. He is judge at the 's-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal (criminal division).

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