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Before we go any further this is me PC 408c Bishopsgate, taken about 1970. Also Initial Training 1968, can you spot the City of London Helmet?

The Garage Crew

Left to right:- Bill ? (workshop Manager), Fred Mills, Stan Hillsdeb, Dave Pronger, Eddy Jones, Jim Miller, Jock Sutton, Bubbles Beaumont, Bernie Cooper, XXXX, Alfie Bracknel, George Wheeler, Nobby Clark, Bill Grieswood, John Carrington, Dennis Harrison, Ron Piper, Alan Brown, XXXX, Fred Chamberlain, POS Cliff Rowlinson,!! Bill Venning, Alan Coleman, George Powell, Ellwood-Wade, Len?? cleaner, Fluff Bryan, Bill Lilley, Mike Lee, John Mitchel, Dennis Corboy.

Above is an old memorial card found in the belongings of of Jane Arnold who died in 1983 among them is one for the three Policemen who died executing their duties on the 16th Dec 1910, Cutler St Houndsditch. It seems strange that Jane Arnold had this memorial card as she was in domestic service all her life in Brixton SW2. Jane never married could there be a connection somewhere with one of these men"?

Can anyone answer this question?

Page 1 centre In Loving Memory of Segt Charles Tucker Died Dec 16th 1910 P.C. Walter C Choate Died Dec 17th " Segt Bentley Died " " "

Who was shot in Cutler St, Houndsditch, in the execution of their DUTY. Dec 16th 1910.

Interred at ILFORD Cemetary Dec 22nd 1910.

Page 2 under pictures In the midst of life We are in Death

Printed by Mrs, S, Burgess 14 Artillery Lane Bishopsgate

"PC 226 Johnson, taken 28th Sept 1906, Photograph provided by Rita Henze

BELOW is Charles Robert Hender PC 180D (Cloak Lane) taken about 1912, born 1890, joined City Police age 21 and retired after 25 years, Photograph supplied by his granddaughter, Angela Harris

"PS 40c Steel and his medals, Jubilee 1897, Coronation 1902 & 1911

"PC 126C Percy Warwick Ellis - City of London Police, Provided by Doris Tack, his daughter

Arthur Alliston From: ABXP@chevron.com To: RobJerrard@aol.com

Mr Jerrard, As promised please find attached above referenced items. The photo is actually Arthur Alliston Arthur was born in 1899, Bury Street, Edmonton, North London. He signed up in 1914 to serve in the army, being considerably under age, but being a tall lad as most of the family were I guess he passed easily as much older. I am guessing at some point after the war during the next several years he joined the City of London police. I understand the criteria for joining at that time was those over six feet tall, Arthur was six feet six/seven. Unfortunately Arthur's collar number is hard to distinguish. I presently do not know how long he served. I am guessing the photo is around 1920 or so. He died in 1941 of complications after a fall in a hospital ward at North Middlesex hospital. His death certificate lists him as previously of the City of London police and receiving a pension. He was never quite right after contracting double pneumonia in the trenches and perhaps gives an indication of why he was already pensioned from the police at a relatively early age. The newspaper shows Arthur's photo used to illustrate the left hand side of the banner headline. As I indicated previously this was a series of articles documenting the history of the London police force. Kevin Andrews

Arthur became a City of London policeman on the 12th of February 1920. His warrant number was 8145 and he was a member of A division number 155. He was discharged on August 10th 1939 as being unfit for work. His pension was ninety one pounds, fourteen shillings and one penny a year which I assume was a year.

All I know about Jack Howard my Great Granddad, is that he served in the CIty of London Police c1911. He was the father of Terry Howard, who later became a Chief Superintendent. Photo taken 1911 Any information contact Dowler63@aol.com


"This is NOT a City Officer, however it is probably a Special of about 1916 wearing the typical armlet. Alfred Woodruff There is a possibility it may be Met, Essex has also been suggested.

"Another Example of an old PC in Uniform

Son of Benjamin Bousefield

Below are two documents relating to PC Timothy Walsh who served from 1838 to 1854. He was awarded a pension of 15 shillings per week. The second document is his conduct sheet. The e-mail will explain them - Hi, I came across your site in researching the history of the City of London police. My ggg-grandfather, Timothy Walsh, was a constable with the city police force from 31 Dec 1838 until retirement on 23 Feb 1854; warrant number 283, divisional/collar number 326.
I note you are looking for photographs, which I'm afraid I do not have, but I thought perhaps you might be interested in the attached historical documents: (1) My ancestor's 1854 discharge certificate awarding him a pension of 15 shillings per week (I have the original of this document in my possession) (2) A record of his 11 "reports" for drunkenness, neglect of duty, absent from beat, gossiping, late and irregularities (this I received back in 1996 from the City of London Police personnel office, along with some letters of reference supplied for him when he joined the force)

Sincerely, Nancy Visima Toronto, Canada

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